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The combination of premium Spanish leather, brass hardware, and changeable colourful cover-plates will make you feel unique and special. We have carefully selected a wide colour palette to ensure your look is always perfect. Now, this is possible with DeMure.
The "Harmony" collection understands the innate desire for self-expression and offers a range of accessories that can be personalised to match a unique style, mood, or event. The elegant design and emphasis on colour combinations in this collection embody classic style in modern fashion.
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Our mission is to add individuality and convenience to the world of fashion. We design with attention to every detail, select the finest materials, and test prototypes so that you can later choose and customise our best products.

DeMure is a fusion of Italian design, Spanish craftsmanship, and Cypriot inspiration. We blend elegant style with the vibrant colours of the Mediterranean.
«Good artists always have a subtle yet distinct style. Their brushstrokes. It's the same in fashion. For me, fashion isn't about fleeting trends or overly bold logos. The outfit you put together should be yours. In every attire, there should be a silent story, self-expression, soul. An outfit should accentuate your beauty, provide confidence, and reflect your uniqueness. This is one of the beliefs that inspired us to create DeMure.»
«My main source of inspiration was my mom—an energetic businesswoman, balancing work, family, and a vibrant social life. To match her lifestyle, she constantly changed her outfits, sometimes even at the last minute, which often led to forgotten items in different bags. Magnetic cover-plates elegantly solved this problem. Thanks to their variety of colours, they can complement any outfit, keeping keys, wallets, and other essential items in the same place. It was a practical yet stylish solution that matched my mother's style and taught me to turn life's challenges into innovative ideas. And this is the core of our brand.»
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